This is for you, Liz

I have a friend, Liz, who is at home at the moment recovering from a bit of NHS scalpel-and-stitchery action, with only a stack of novels and tv box sets to keep her company during the day. Surprisingly, she also seems to have had the inclination to read my blog more than once, and has called me up to chastise me for not updating it more often.

Ah yes, the prioritisation scales of the freelance life mean that my own stuff always comes last, and yet surely something which acts as my shop window for the work I do needs to come first, right? It’s not that I’m not motivated to write my own stuff… OK, it is that I’m not motivated to write my own stuff. My own stuff is hard. I don’t know who the audience is, really, or even if there is one – apart from Liz.

But anyway, I worked for Liz once and, frankly, what Liz wants Liz gets, so I’ve decided to write a post a day (maybe just for the time that she’s recuperating, but let’s see how I get on – perhaps I could get into this) AND I’ve also decided that I will knuckle down and send out a pitch a day as well.

The thing is, I’m not just a writer who waits to be commissioned, but no one is going to know what my ideas are if I don’t pitch them, and no one is going to know what I’ve been writing, or for whom, if I don’t blog about it on here.

So this is for you, Liz; a bit more stuff to add to your reading pile. Be careful what you wish for…

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