Write it out

Whether it’s an email to your boss, a card for a friend, or just a post-it note on the fridge to remind the family you’re working late, you write every day to communicate with other people… but how often do you write to communicate with yourself? 

My ‘Write It Out’ journalling workshops reveal how the simple act of putting pen to paper can help clear mental clutter so you can reduce stress, get more productive and creative, and be honest with yourself about what you really want to achieve – and how to do it. 

We meet for one hour a week over Zoom to explore some of the current thinking around the connections between journalling, creativity and mental health, as well as kickstarting your journalling practice with simple writing exercises, and homework to attempt for the following week.  

Here’s what some recent students have said about the Write It Out course: 

“I started Saša’s Write It Out group in 2020, feeling a bit unsure as I’d never done anything like that before. Saša was so encouraging and immediately put me at ease. She sets consistently stimulating and thought-provoking exercises. Write It Out has emboldened me to place a greater focus on my own creativity and I look forward to the sessions.” – Sophie                                                                                                                                  

“Saša gave a journaling talk at a yoga retreat and I was thoroughly entranced. That talk gave me the inspiration to write a journal every morning and I have maintained that discipline. I so look forward every week to the session and it has helped prevent me going ‘stir crazy’ during lockdown. I would recommend trying it and see if you like it. It might just turn your life around!” – John  

“I have been attending Saša’s writing group regularly for many months. It has turned out to be a complete tonic and something totally different other than work and lockdown. The online group gives a comfortable setting to share or just listen to ideas, fun stories, poetry, creative ways with words and to swap information. I can highly recommend these classes whether you think you are a writer or not – it gives a chance for expression and to see what might emerge from the end of a pen.”  – Pat 

Email me on sasa (at) sasawrites (dot) com to ask for details of the next course, to reserve your place, or if you’ve got any questions.