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#MindTheGap – What I learned about gender inequality in the pharmacy profession (and myself) from my first ever Twitter Q&A

I’ve been a pharmacy journalist for fifteen years, but it’s only been in the last couple that I’ve shaken off my ‘imposter syndrome’. Most other pharmacy journalists you’ll meet are pharmacists too, but I’m not. I somehow snuck in under the radar, and although I write about business and people issues rather than clinical topics, for ages I kept thinking I’d be ‘found out’ as some kind of...


The Pharmaceutical Journal is holding a Twitter chat on Tuesday 10 April at 8pm to provide a platform for pharmacy professionals to discuss the issue of gender inequality in pharmacy. I’ll be on the panel, so come and join the debate with @PJOnline_News and use the tag #PJMindTheGap

From the shop floor to the glass ceiling

Legislative change in the UK has resulted in compulsory reporting of pay for male and female employees of larger corporations and has seen the gender pay gap narrow to 9.1% in April 2017, the lowest level since 1997. However, it is clear that more progress needs to be made to address inequality across the sexes, both within pharmacy and wider society. I explore the significance of gender...

Women on Boards – why aren’t there more?

I’ve been writing a lot about women in the workplace lately, and the disparity at leadership levels when it comes to the number of women versus men in senior roles. In this piece for the Pharmaceutical Journal I look at the significance of gender inequality in pharmacy and its potential impact on the careers of female pharmacists.

The legal leader

Richard Hough is a partner at Brabners LLP, a commercial law firm in north west England, and he has also been a community pharmacist for 26 years. I talk to him about his dual role for this feature in the Pharmaceutical Journal.