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Pharmacist and independent prescriber Sunil Kochhar explains how he partnered with a neighbouring osteopath to help patients with pain, in this case study for The Pharmacist…

Around 10% of fathers experience mental health difficulties during the period around the birth of their child, according to NHS England. But while post-natal depression (PND) and mental health issues have become more recognised and supported in mothers, they remain

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We’ve all got that drawer or cupboard at home full of ‘stuff’: a random assortment of things like cables – but not the appliances they once powered – foreign currency that can’t be spent anywhere any more and a bunch

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Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) – or ‘the morning after pill’ – has been available in the UK for over 30 years, but its supply remains a contentious issue for many pharmacists, as I discover for this feature in The Pharmacist magazine…