txt speak is good for you

…well, if you are a child, at any rate.

Researchers from Coventry University looked at text messages from three groups of children and young people (83 primary school children, 78 secondary school pupils and 49 undergraduates), who were then measured on their IQ, spelling ability, and understanding of written and spoken grammar.

Their results showed that although most people violated grammatical convention in their text messages, there was no evidence that this affected their understanding of written or spoken grammar.

The latest findings follow an earlier study led by Dr Clare Wood from Coventry’s Faculty of Health & Life Sciences that showed children’s use of text abbreviations may enhance their understanding of conventional spelling.

But the question remains: are we going to evolve into a species with more pokey ends to our thumbs, and maybe longer little fingers, so that we can  more easily hold our phone while we text…?

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