How does your business measure success?

I’ve been writing about this recently for the new City & Guilds magazine, as well as looking at what efficiency best practice means.

So you’ve got a pleasant office, loyal staff and the phone keeps ringing. On the surface, this might sound like the signs of a successful business, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. “Success for any business is about increasing your turnover while maintaining the quality and services you supply,” says David Rose, CEO of independent training provider Keits. “This is the bottom line that has to continue.”

And when it comes to efficiency, is it enough that you file your accounts on time and never run out of stationery? No, according to Charles Hennell Cole, director of Magazette Media Ltd, who says you have to: “set up a complete framework to document how you do things, what happens when things don’t go right and how you go about reviewing the way you run your business.”

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