More streamlined copy? No problem

I’ve just finished working on a big copywriting job for a renowned London-wide psychotherapy practice which wanted its whole website rewriting in a friendly and approachable style with more calls to action.

Unfortunately, confidentiality agreements forbid me from disclosing its identity. However, what I can say is that while reading up on the different therapeutic areas it works in I have learnt a lot about gambling addiction, personality disorders, relationship breakdowns and other such difficult circumstances that many people are trying to live with and recover from.

It was a fascinating job but it did make me realise how almost everyone I know has gone through some kind of traumatic life at some time or another, and how strong you need to be to get through these things without them breaking you. Oh, and how important it is to ask for help if you need it.

And talking of help, while writing about psychotherapy does not make me a psychotherapist, writing and editing and writing and proofreading and more editing for the last however many years had made me, well, good at writing and editing and proofreading, so if that’s something you need some help with then do get in touch. I can always recommend an excellent psychotherapy practice as well.