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Aside from checking for typos and being truthful about your qualifications, what can you do to ensure that your CV stands out from the competition? I find out, in this feature for the Pharmaceutical Journal.

Do you need to wear a white coat to be taken seriously if you work in the medical profession? Turns out, it’s attitude more than appearance that influences patients’ and customers’ perceptions of you, as I found out for this

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I write a lot about pharmacy, and in this feature for the Pharmaceutical Journal I look at how easy – or not – it is to transfer jobs from community pharmacy to hospital pharmacy.

Pharmacy must fight off competition from discount retailers to maintain and grow share in the analgesics category, one that generates well over £200 million in sales every year. But the analgesics market is not without its problems, as I find out

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Workplace bullying can shatter lives, damage employee performance and ruin company reputations. I look at how prevalent it is it in pharmacy, and how it can it be tackled, for Chemist + Druggist magazine…